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Last modified:  30 dec 2005

jUIQdiz (was diziop800)

Freeware dictionary for SonyEricsson p800/p900/p910 and  Motorola a925/A1000

by Luca Cassioli 2005

In italiano

Note: this program could probably run on any UIQ based device, but
it has been tested only on p800/p900/p910 and a925/A1000.

Link to other freeware programs for p800/a1000

This program implements a full Eglish-German-English or English-Italian-Dictionary on your SonyEricsson p800 smartphone.


New version 3.40 (927 KB) ( Dicembre 2005)

Word lists (store each one into a separate subfolder of jUIQdiz subfolder):

Please notify my any bug: cassioli - at -
Somebody said he can't see some TXT files in german-english version; please confirm with your feedback, or just send me a new german-english list.


p800 (please note: old p800 version was shareware; current versions are all FREEware).



This program need text files in which each line contains a word and its translation. You must have one file per each alphabet letter.

To use wordlists different from those available here, you have to:

WOLISHAN is also available as SOURCE for Linux usres (until I'll compile it): just pass the WXB file to WXBASIC executable you find in wxBasic package. I tested WOLISHAN only on 7/aug/2003  Windows version of wxBasic; I suppose it will work with the 27/sep/2002 Linux version, but I did not tested it yet. Please report any problem to cassioli - at -


PLEASE NOTE: both the conversion routine and the diciotnary itself are in a very ALFA version, so they could be quite unstable. The authors takes no responsability for any damage which can derive from the use of these programs.


FREE! Program does not even connect to any site, so total price is just 0 $!

FREE WORDS LISTS  Many links to lots of lists.  Lots of good lists   Klicklack project
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Internet Dictionary Project:  
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Commercial English-English dicitonary for p800- demo available(commerciale, ma esiste una demo)

Questions? Contact the author at cassioli - AT -

Old versions

New version 3.30 (927 KB) (25th aprile 2005)

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