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Freeware UIQ programs
by Luca Cassioli

In italiano

jUIQdiz - freeware/opensource multilanguage dictionary for UIQ, written in Personal Java.
SISRead - Freeware/opensource Windows/Linux unpacker for Epoc/Symbian SIS files.
Modem tester - Send standard strings or single bytes to serial port to test your modem.
GuitarDiapason - Not exactly an automatic tuner, as it can't detect your guitar's sounds: program is more like a diapason, as it just reproduce exact frequencies your guitar should reproduce to be right tuned.
NoPanicBackup - change "magic number" inside FILESTORE.DAT and FILESTORE.DAT.TXT to enable old backups to be restored on formatted/flashed phones.
ReadSMS - save all your messages into an html file on your PC.
Credito - View your credit with a single click!
Symbian C++ programming notes (just a draft.... Only Italian language)
CopySnack - Automatically copy your custom snack.ini file to c:\system\apps\now folder by putting this program in startup sequence using SMan 1.4 .
BigKeys - use your THUMBS to write SMS!
Landscape - surf with Opera in landscape mode with your a1000!
UIQK - Kill applications with a single click!

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