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Gestione Backup
by PkPaperinik

Standard Motorola Desktop Suite for a1000 phones does not allow restoring an old backup on a phone that has been formatted or has been flashed, due to a bug which does not take into account the change occurred to internal "disk" serial number after formatting/flashing.

This program overrides the bug, by modifing an existing backup (created with standard MDS) in such a way that it can be restored on any phone.
In addition, it allows selecting just the files you actually want to restore rather than all of them: this allows, for example, just restoring c:\system\mail\INDEX or c:\system\data\contacts.cdb files, usually in use by the system and locked to prevent overwriting ( The first one contains the list of ALL kinds of messages (SMS, MMS, Mail, bluetooth,...), PLUS the message configuration settings; the second holds youre phonebook); or you can restore just some images, ore some videoclips, or whatever you want.

Download "Gestione Backup"

This program is freeware

PLEASE NOTE: you cannot restore system files from an old backup to a phone containing a firmware different from the one was used to create the backup, as it will lead to phone malfunction. Program allows to do it, but this practice is strongly discouraged.