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Overwrite at startup any System Configuration file

On Motorola a1000 some System Configuration files (such as snack.ini) are overwritten with default settings each time the phone is restarted. Placing CopySnack into phone's startup sequence cause it to overwrite specified files with your own customized copy each time the phone starts up: just create the file c:\documents\copysnack.ini , containing pairs of lines: one line for source (=your) file, one line for destination (=default) file.

Example of copysnack.ini file:



This file will cause c:\system\apps\now\snack.ini to be overwritten by c:\documents\snack.ini at each phone startup.


Download UIQ OPL Runtime

PLEASE NOTE THAT MESSING WITH A1000 STARTUP SEQUENCE CAN BREAK YOUR PHONE IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT CAN BE FIXED ONLY BY BRINGING IT BACK TO MOTOROLA SERVICE! THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR UNEXPERIENCED USERS! USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! I can't test this program by myself as I am not able to reflash the phone: I wrote it as some users need it. Please let me know if it works for you: write me at cassioli AT iol DOT it

This program is freeware. Go back to my freeware homepage. (alternate link: