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This project is now abandoned, in favour of "big keyboards for PopOnTop".

No more releases of Bigkeys will be released.
Here you can find latest (unstable) versions, besides the official 1.83b: ,
I was trying to let BigKeys support big fonts, but I gave up due to too many difficulties and too few time...

Here you can find the all OPL sources from 1.8.3 to, just in case anybody would
like to carry on the project for further development.

PopOnTop currently appears to be "abandonware", i.e. none is anymore supporting it; anyway, the shareware version has no limitations, just install it without registering, and it will work forever. Sometimes it locks up:  keyboard appears, but no character is written. Solution: just restart the phone.

for Motorola a1000
By Luca Cassioli 2005

Bored of mini-micro-little keys for writing SMS on your a1000?
Are your friends able to write SMS using one hand and their 50$ phone, while you need two hands and a pen with your a1000???


Use your THUMBS to write your messages!

Customize the keyboard using any image you like! Just setup a 208x275image and put it into a standard MBM file using MBMWIZARD (click here to download MBMWhizard from, save it as bigkeys.mbm into documemts\BigKeys folder, and you've done! (DON'T USE XNVIEW to create MBM files: it would CRASH the program!)

Screenshots of BigKeys:


Download BigKeys 1.83b

Download Italian instructions manual

Download keyboard skins

Download OPL UIQ Runtime (included  in SIS since v. 1.7.4)

Download BigKeys 1.7.4b

Download BigKeys 1.7.4

Download BigKeys 1.7.3b

Download BigKeys 1.7.3

Download BigKeys 1.7.2

Download BigKeys 1.7.1

Download BigKeys 1.6.1

Download BigKeys 1.6.0

Download BigKeys 1.5.0

Download BigKeys 1.0.0

Program requires OPL UIQ Runtime installation; it is included in SIS package since v. 1.7.4, but you can download it separately too:

Once installed the program, copy any 208x275 .MBM file into program folder (c:\documents\bigkeys) to use it as keyboard, then configure properly c:\documents\bigkeys\bigkeys.ini to match your keyboard and phone model. Then rename file to BIGKEYS.MBM

Please install MTMDetector on your phone, run it and tell me (cassioliATiolDOTit): I'll see if I can make BigKeys compatible with your phone.

New in 1.8.3:
* added replies hadling
* added cursor control
* added clipboard support (only output)
* added keys timeout
* added OPTIONS key in main screen: NEW SKINS NEEDED; tap on the lower part of the main screen to access configuration screen.

New in 1.7.4b:
added SYSTEM.OXH into SIS file.

New in 1.7.4
Changed SIS file to include OPL Runtime 0.54 for UIQ.
Fixed included skins.
Changed default skin.

New in 1.7.3b
Fixed empty skin

New in 1.7.3
Fixed bug in SIS file which prevented BigKeys from running.

New in 1.7.2

Fixed bug which prevented from loading custom keyseuqences; now all standard GSM SMSs characters ( ) should be supported. ). Thanks to clubkid from forum for feedback.

Version 1.7.1 limitations:

New features in 1.7.1:

New features in 1.6.1:

New features in 1.6.0:

  1. phone model (a920/a925/a1000) (to be tested)
  2. keys size
  3. keys position
  4. number of keys (up to 30)
  5. keys sequences: associate any of the standard GSM characters to the keys (not UNICODE)
  6. special-keys size
  7. special-keys position
  8. text-area size
  9. text-area position
  10. counters position

Current limitations:

New features in 1.5.0: