Epoc/Symbian SIS file unpacker
freeware by Luca Cassioli

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SISRead - read all SIS file for any PSION/EPOC/Symbian release from ER1 to ERx (Symbian = ER6)
download  version 3.5.0 (18 october 2005) (~350 KB, Windows executable and RapidQ source)

The program does not require any installation, just unpack the executable, run the program and select a SIS file: if you check the logfile checkbox, a debug log will be saved in the same path of the SIS file, into SISlog.txt file.

Structure of SIS files is described in this page by Alexander Thoukydides ( alex AT thouky.co.uk )

Contact the author:   cassioli at iol dot it

What's new:

3.4.0 Added EXTRACT FOLDER button (I think it works only in Windows, not Linux), added formatted numbers (1000000 --> 1.000.000), added support for File Type 3 (files to be ran during/after installation).

New GUI, files saved into program SUBfolders; files can be LISTED before being EXTRACTED.

New version now successfully extracts ZLIB compressed files inside ER6 SIS files. This (maybe) means that Linux users can have full access to SISRead fetaures.

For Developers

Program is written in RapidQ basic and compiled for Windows, but you should be able to compile it for Linux and Sparc (if you disable ZLIB extraction, which needs Windows DLL APIs) by downloading corresponding RapidQ packages.

Click to see sample output of SISRead

Old versions:

download  version 3.4.0 (16 june 2005)

0.1.2 (11 may 2005 - no ZLIB extraction implemented)