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This program changes "magic number" inside FILESTORE.DAT and FILESTORE.DAT.TXT to enable old backups to be restored on formatted/flashed phones. Just install NoPanicBackup both on a1000 and PC: the a1000 version will give you the current "magic number" (i.e., serial number of internal virtual hard disk); input this number into PC version of NoPanicBackup to replace all its occurencies inside FILESTORE.DAT and FILESTORE.DAT.TXT.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT IS NOW DISCONTINUED! TRY INSTEAD "Gestione Backup" by PkPaperinik! It's freeware, too!

This  should enable you to recover backups created before phone flashing (unfortunately I can't test, as I am not able to reflash my phone).

DOWNLOAD NoPanicBackup 0.3.0

NoPanicBackup also allows restoring single files and extracting files to hard disk:

This program is a freeware by Luca Cassioli
contact the author: cassioli at iol dot it

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